Woodbridge Resources

Historical Resources

In putting together this website, we’ve drawn material from several key sources, both old-fashioned books and information that has migrated to the web, either as digital books (such as old books scanned by Google or other library holdings that have been scanned and posted, such as those found in Open Library), or through other authors’ compilations. Here is a list of some of our favorite ‘go to’ primary sources:

NH_History_vol_2Chapter IV of the History of New Haven, Vol. 2
published in 1892, tells the story of the founding of Woodbridge. Sections include:


Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 8.58.07 PMDescendants of Thomas Dickerman
An early settler of Dorchester, Massachusetts, Thomas’s son Abraham married Mary Cooper and removed to New Haven in the 1670s. Two of this couple’s daughters married sons of Richard Sperry in the 1680s and thereafter lived in Woodbridge. This book contains information about the families of many of the original settlers of New Haven and Woodbridge. Chapters of note include:

  • Early Days in New Haven – pg. 135
  • Sperry Farm at Amity – pg. 180
  • Family of Nathaniel Sperry and Sarah Dickerman – pg. 184
  • Family of Ebenezer Sperry and Abigail Dickerman – pg. 189
  • Family of William Bradley – pg. 575

Genealogy Resources

Pane_JoyceThe Pane-Joyce website has information tracing many generations of ancient Woodbridge families, including Hitchcock, Hine, Sperry, Doolittle, and many more.

Oxford_PastThe Oxford Past Genealogy Project website also has information tracing many generations of ancient Woodbridge families, especially those who had branches that eventually settled in Oxford, Connecticut