Lines family in Woodbridge

Ralph Lines was one of the first settlers of the land now known as Woodbridge, arriving in the early 1660s. According to page 181 of The Descendants of Thomas Dickerman:

“[Yale] President Stiles says that Stephen Goodyear, “a rich settler bought of the town [of New Haven] a tract of a thousand or twelve hundred acres of land in the fertile valley to the westward of West Rock and planted on it his farmer Richard Sperry, which farm Richard Sperry afterwards became possessed of, and it was  known as Sperry’s Farm. On this tract Mr. Goodyear built Sperry a house ; and in the woods about a mile south-west stood the house of Ralph Lines. These were the only two houses in 1661 between West Rock and Hudson River, except a few at Derby. All was an immense wilderness.”

The children of Ralph and his wife Alice included:

  1. Samuel Lines, born 1649, married Mary Thompson
  2. Hannah Lines, married John Merriman (son of Nathaniel Merriman and Abigail Olney)
  3. Ralph Lines, Jr, born 1652, married Abiah Bassett