Bradley family in Woodbridge

Bradley family in Woodbridge
Members of the Bradley family are buried in the old section of Eastside Burying Grounds on Pease Rd

The Bradley family were among the original European families living in what would become Woodbridge. The emigrant William Bradley arrived in New Haven in the early 1650s.

“According to the family tradition we are descended from William Bradley, an officer of Cromwell's army, who came to Connecticut about 1650, and was the first settler of the town of North Haven. His son was Abraham Bradley, a deacon in the church of New Haven.”
-- from page 582 of The Descendants of Thomas Dickerman.

William' Bradley married on Feb. 18, 1645, Alice Prichard, daughter of Roger Prichard of Springfield. William Bradley died in 1690 and his wife Alice died in 1692.

William and Alice Bradley had eight children:

  1. Joseph, born 1646, married Silence Brockett
  2. Martha, born apt. 1643, married Samuel Munson (son of Capt. Thomas Munson and Joanna Mew). They had a son, Ensign Samuel Munson who married Maria Farnes and had eight children including a son, William Munson (1695-1773)
  3. Abraham, born 1650, married Hannah Thompson
  4. Mary, born 1653, married Samuel Todd
  5. Benjamin, born 1657, married Elizabeth Thompson
  6. Hester, born 1659
  7. Nathaniel, born 1661, married Ruth Dickerman
  8. Sarah, born 1665, married John Brockett


Some additional details on the children named above:

3. Dea. Abraham Bradley Sr. Born on 24 Oct 1650 in New Haven, CT. Abraham died in New Haven, CT, on 19 Oct 1718; he was 67. Buried in City Burial Ground, New Haven. He married Hannah (sometimes referred to as Anne) Thompson, daughter of John Thompson & Ellen Harrison, on 25 Dec 1673 in New Haven, CT. Born on 22 Sep 1654 in New haven, CT. Hannah died in New Haven, CT, on 26 Oct 1718; she was 64. They had the following children: John (1674-1747); Daniel (~1679-1723); Abraham Jr.

4. Sgt. Benjamin Bradley. Born on 8 Apr 1657 in New Haven, CT. Benjamin died between April and June 1728; he was 70. He married Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of John Thompson & Ellen Harrison. Born on 3 Jun 1657 in New Haven, CT. Elizabeth died in New Haven, CT, on 3 Nov 1718; she was 61. They had the following children: Benjamin Jr. (1692-1726); Abner (1695-1778);

5. Nathaniel Bradley. He married Ruth Dickerman, daughter of Abraham Dickerman & Mary Cooper, in 1687/88. Born on 5 Apr 1668. Ruth died in New Haven, CT on 15 May 1725; she was 57. They had the following children: Ruth. She married David ATWATER, son of Jonathan ATWATER & Ruth Peck. Born on 5 Aug 1683 in New Haven, New Haven, Ct. David died in New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, on 1 May 1727; he was 43. Child: Abigail


William and Alice's grandson Samuel Bradley married Richard Sperry’s granddaughter Ann.