Some history of publicly owned property in Woodbridge

Some history of publicly owned property in Woodbridge

The Town of Woodbridge has a rich history of acquiring land on behalf of its residents. Such property has been allocated to various uses over the years, such as parks, recreational playing fields, trails, and for municipal use where schools and other town buildings have been constructed. A history of these acquisitions, prior ownership, and use decisions was compiled in the 1982 document, “CUPOP Survey of Publicly Owned Property” (view PDF).


Initial Charge of the Commission on the Use of Publicly Owned Properties

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First Members of the Commission

pg. 5

Commission By-Laws

pg. 7

Sequence of Property Acquisitions

pg. 11

The Center Triangle

pg. 14

The Town Hall and immediate area, Center Field (view related story)

pg. 16

The Hoffmann Piece, Newton Road

pg. 19

The Fitzgerald Piece (view related story)

pg. 20

The Rice Property

pg. 24

Acorn Hill Landfill Site, Acorn Hill Road

pg. 28

The Old Derby Trail, off lower Amity Road

pg. 35

Beecher School, Beecher Road

pg. 38

17 Book Street

pg. 40

B.O.W. Regional Dog Pound, Bradley Road

pg. 41

Dogwood Circle

pg. 44

25 Enoch Drive

pg. 45

Triangle Corner – Ford, Northrop and old Westward Road

pg. 47

Old South School, Knights of Columbus Building Johnson Road

pg. 48

Laurel Road

pg. 53

1840 Litchfield Turnpike

pg. 54

Thomas Darling – G. Halstead Bishop Estate

pg. 55

Lorraine Drive

pg. 62

Lucy/Mettler Streets Property

pg. 64

Manilla Road

pg. 69

The Meiss Property, Rimmon Road

pg. 71

Selden Terrace

pg. 73

Northwest Cemetery, Seymour Road (view related story)

pg. 75

West River Field, South Bradley Road

pg. 79

“Woodbridge Heights,” east of South Pease Road

pg. 83

Sperry and Henry C. Hickox Memorial Parks, Sperry Road (view related story)

pg. 85

View Place

pg. 90

Commission on the Use of Publicly Owned Property (CUPOP)

Established in Town ordinance in June 1974 by act of the Woodbridge Board of Selectmen, the Publicly Owned Property Commission is responsible for making recommendations on the proper usage of all publicly owned property in the Town of Woodbridge.

The Commission consists of six members appointed by the BOS and two ex officio members, one selected by the Town Plan and Zoning Commission and one selected by the Conservation Commission from their respective memberships. A member of the Board of Selectmen also attends meetings as a liaison.

The Commission’s duties include the classification of all publicly owned property or property affected with a public interest in the following categories:

  1. Land and buildings dedicated to open space or other use under the terms of grants-in-aid conditions;
  2. Land and buildings, the uses of which are now under the direction of existing commissions or other agencies of the Town;
  3. Land and buildings, the uses of which are not under the direction of existing commissions or other agencies of the Town;
  4. Land and buildings to which the Town has the option to purchase and/or right of first refusal.

An additional duty of the Commission is to study the uses of all such land and buildings from time to time and to study and recommend to the Board of Selectmen the:

  • acquisition, (by purchase or otherwise);
  • uses;
  • changes in uses, or;
  • direction of such uses by appropriate commissions or agencies now existing or to be created.

The Commission’s powers include a requirement that all Town agencies and commissions administering, using, or affecting such land and buildings shall report to the Commission upon request.